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As a husband, father, salesman, or business owner in the market for success, you’re always looking for ways to become better at everything you do. This is a show where I’ll get into lessons learned around my passion in personal development, cars, making money, tactical shooting topics and biohacking. Having recently started to look back at my childhood, realizing that it was not entirely bad, but definitely had some traumatic experiences that have inspired me to be a better father and husband. Always seeking to learn and grow can make it hard to find others who have the same ambitions. I created this show to create a community of like-minded men who want to be part of a special tribe. If this resonates, then this show is for you. Lessons Around with JP Albano is a weekly video podcast where you’ll hear directly from me about my journey. I’ll share my personal discoveries with listeners about my path to becoming better and the Lessons Learned. In addition to sharing my journey, I will also invite guests on the show to share their anecdotes and insights on relevant topics. Lessons Around aims to create a well-curated community of like-minded men who share similar passions; we’ll also answer listener’s questions in our episodes. This show aims to inspire, educate, and illuminate the path for other men who also want to become better at what they hold dear in their lives. I might not have all the answers, but by sharing my journey and lessons as well as the stories of others, we can figure this whole life thing out together. I believe that I am only a few steps ahead of the next guy and if I can shorten the path for someone else, that’s how we all move the needle on making change. Lessons Around is about enriching one another’s lives through the power of storytelling. If I can help one listener from sharing my experiences, hosting this show is worth it. Born in ‘81, I spent 20 years in IT, 10 of which were in IT sales. I sold $200 million during my career. In 2017 I decided that investing in multifamily apartments was my next challenge. I went on to build a portfolio worth $60 million, and 700 units, along with property management and construction management businesses. Lessons Around will talk about the challenges people face in business and in sales and ways I have found to overcome them. A passion for cars would come late in life for me when I developed an unhealthy fascination with all things BMW. Eventually, I stressed the limits of his marriage by owning seven of them at one time. Lessons Around will cover aspects of current car culture and why three-pedal driving should continue to be a sacred activity. Having multiple German vehicles wouldn’t be possible for me without knowing how to make and manage money. While I didn’t come from wealth but rather learned how to make and invest money on my own. I grew up lower middle class and was driven to succeed early on in life. Lessons Around will cover topics on sales, investing, making money and generating wealth to help our listeners elevate their lifestyles. As a born and bred New Yorker and a first-generation child of a Sicilian immigrant. The show will talk about my experiences as a young man and follow me into my present life as a husband, father and entrepreneur. Lessons Around will also explore my spirituality, as I work through a newer understanding of consciousness and what it means to be trapped in our “meat suit” as part of our soul’s journey in this human experience. During COVID-84 I realized the importance of defending my family, and became obsessed with learning to shoot pistols and sporting rifles and fell into the deep end of the 2A and tactical world. I am always seeking to learn from the best ex-special forces trainers, enrolling in as much training and classes as my wife will tolerate. I am naturally curious, constantly looking for new ways to see the world. However, my priority has been (and will always be) my family. Together with my wife of 14 years, we have three amazing daughters. I continually strive to be a better husband to my wife and a better parent than what I had for my kids. Join me to hear and learn the Lessons Around - it’s not just a podcast, but a conscious way of living your life.

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Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Are you ready to take your mindset to the next level? In this episode, I’m sharing my personal journey of transforming limiting beliefs into an empowering mindset of success and abundance. It was through self-awareness practices like meditation and neurofeedback that I began to uncover deep-rooted thoughts holding me back, and changing my perspective opened new doors of opportunity. Learn actionable steps for improving your own mindset and discover how you can achieve more by expanding your view of what's possible. 
Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:
[00:56] - The concept of mindset
[02:38] - How growing up in a Sicilian family in New York shaped me
[05:38] - Examples of limiting beliefs I grew up with
[07:52] - Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
[09:24] - Transforming habits for a happier life
[12:18] - Being aware of the hangups
[14:07] - Turning lack mentality into an abundance mindset
[16:48] - Becoming aware of your thoughts
[22:20] - The Biocybernaut Institute and neurofeedback
[25:39] - Ways to improve your mindset
Episode Highlights:
[00:56] The Concept of Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Your mindset is influenced by your state of mind and how you interpret the world around you. Consciously altering your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the events in your life plays a crucial role in shaping your mindset. The lessons we learn from our parents and loved ones impact our understanding of the world and influence our responses. However, if we're not careful, these ingrained beliefs can hold us back from success, happiness, and overall well-being. It's essential to be mindful of the thoughts we cultivate, as they have the power to either empower or limit us in pursuing our goals and living a fulfilling life.
[09:24] Transforming Habits for a Happier Life
In "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself," Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how your past actions and knowledge shape your reality. Daily routines and habits reinforce this reality, leading to cycles of lack, misery, or unhappiness. To break free, consciously change your habits and be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Your entire life, from morning routines to social interactions, influences your habits and reality. By cultivating awareness, you can achieve self-improvement and a positive mindset, making impactful changes in your life.
[16:48] Becoming Aware of Your Thoughts
Running this exercise through your own filter can help you understand how it works for you. Personally, when I entertained the idea of having a million dollars a month, my ego quickly questioned its necessity and sparked feelings of unworthiness. It seemed strange to desire such wealth and have doubts about my ability to handle it. These subconscious thoughts of unworthiness can hold people back from achieving their financial goals. It's important to uncover and address these limiting beliefs. By becoming aware of our thoughts and observing them from a higher perspective, we can begin to improve our mindset and overcome these obstacles.
[25:39] Ways to Improve Your Mindset
Improving your mindset means embracing discomfort and pushing yourself beyond limits. Seek out challenging workouts, extreme temperatures, or difficult tasks to strengthen your mindset and grow personally. Exposing yourself to discomfort builds mental resilience and expands capabilities, enabling you to tackle bigger challenges. It's not just physical strength, but developing the energy and determination for extraordinary achievements.
Resources Mentioned:
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The Biocybernaut Institute

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Time to take your entrepreneurial mindset to new heights. Joining us today is Steffen van Doesburg, a prime example of a successful transition from a corporate career to real estate entrepreneurship. With 17 years of experience in consulting for the offshore oil and gas sector, Steffen began investing in real estate to generate additional income and build wealth. Steffen's passion for real estate led him to focus on industrial properties, where he is currently developing a private equity platform. Today, Steffen is going to talk about entrepreneurship, business, mindset, and the winning attitude, especially when life gives you lemons.
Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:
[03:15] - How Steffan and I met and became business partners
[06:56] - How they ended up renting out their property and moving to Singapore
[12:42] - The transition into multifamily property investing
[16:30] - How COVID impacted the real estate market
[17:33] - How he stumbled into the niche area of industrial real estate
[22:19] - The decision to leave his corporate career and how it affected his marriage
[30:22] - Going through depression and the inflection point
[33:55] - Hiding behind the comfort of being a victim and how he got back up
[42:28] - How his entrepreneurial journey strengthened his marriage
[45:31] - The importance of controlling your thought narrative
Episode Highlights:
[12:42] The Transition Into Multifamily Property Investing
Steffen's real estate journey began with single-family rentals and condos, but he soon realized the slow progress of acquiring properties one by one. In 2018 and 2019, he ventured into the multifamily sector and successfully acquired three properties with 215 units. Despite his demanding full-time job, Steffen's passion for real estate grew, and he saw its financial potential. As he delved deeper into the industry, his motivation intensified, leading him to explore different sectors like shopping plazas and hotel conversions. Eventually, he discovered industrial outdoor storage, an underappreciated niche with untapped potential. Seeing the investment community's oversight in this area, Steffen became curious and decided to further explore its possibilities.
[36:51] Setbacks to Success: Steffen's Journey of Resilience and Growth 
Steffen's journey in real estate hasn't been without its challenges. After experiencing a major blow to his business with his partners, he battled to overcome lows that he’s never seen before. However, his determination to bounce back never wavered. In early 2023, an opportunity arose when he was introduced to a potential capital partner. Through this partnership, all the necessary funding was secured, marking a turning point in Steffen's entrepreneurial path. Despite the obstacles and difficult times he faced, Steffen persevered, and now, just a year after leaving his previous company, he is in the process of building another successful investment platform. 
[45:31]  The Importance of Controlling Your Thought Narrative
Take charge of your thoughts starting today. Identify and replace negative thoughts with positive ones to enhance the fullness of your life. Notice your internal narrative, particularly during long drives, and be surprised by the prevalence of negativity. While our brains are wired to protect us, if left uncontrolled, negative thoughts can consume our every moment. Become aware of this pattern and consciously redirect your thoughts towards positivity. Once you realize the power of using your brain space for positive self-talk, you can transform your mindset and overcome negative emotions. You have to control your thought narrative, and you have to fill it with positive thoughts and ideas because they will shape what your future life becomes.
Resources Mentioned:
Email: steffen@vd-co.com 

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

In today's episode, we're diving deep into the foundational aspects that can help you improve the quality of your life. We'll be breaking it down into the three main pillars of self-improvement: sleep, diet, and gut health. Get ready for an exciting journey of personal development and discovering new ways to enhance your life. Let's jump right into it!
Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:
[01:45] - Biohacking and bulletproof diet
[04:28] - The importance of sleep quality
[06:44] - Ways to maximize deep sleep
[12:01] - The impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and eating heavy meals on your sleep quality
[16:12] - Adopting a ketogenic diet to manage blood sugar swings and reduce inflammation 
[26:07] - Getting a microbiome test to identify gut imbalances and taking probiotics and prebiotics to improve gut health
Episode Highlights:
[01:45] What is Biohacking?
The concept of biohacking includes the use of supplements, exercise, diet, lifestyle, and doing things as a way to accelerate the effects of doing those things by themselves.
[06:44] Maximizing Deep Sleep: Tips for Restorative Rest
Deep sleep is a crucial phase during which our bodies undergo restoration and repair. Typically occurring at the beginning of the night, it is essential for optimal health and well-being. However, certain habits can disrupt this vital sleep stage. Late bedtimes, exposure to bright lights such as LED or fluorescent lights, engaging in stimulating activities like watching horror movies, or playing video games before sleep, or consuming heavy meals can all interfere with our natural biological clock and hinder deep sleep. Missing out on this restorative phase can leave us feeling groggy and fatigued, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing deep sleep for a refreshed start to our day.
Utilize the Aura Ring: The Aura Ring provides valuable insights into your sleep patterns, making it a great tool to assess and improve your sleep quality.
Prioritize Light Management: Be mindful of the type of light you expose yourself to, especially in the evening. Opt for softer, amber, or red lights, as they have minimal impact on your ability to fall asleep. Avoid excessive use of bright LED lights, which emit artificial blue light that can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.
Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment: Consider adjusting the lighting in your home to promote better sleep. Use gentle illumination with Himalayan salt nightlights or dimmed overhead lights instead of relying on bright fixtures. Reducing exposure to artificial blue light before bedtime can help signal your body that it's time to wind down.
Minimize Electromagnetic Fields (EMF): These fields can disrupt your deep sleep, so it's important to mitigate or eliminate their presence as much as possible. Keep electronic devices away from your sleeping area and consider using EMF-blocking materials or devices if needed.
Create a Dark Sleeping Environment: Sleeping in a dark room can enhance the quality of your sleep and increase the amount of restorative sleep you experience. Use blackout curtains or blinds to block out external light sources that may interfere with your sleep.
Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed: Eating a heavy meal close to bedtime can negatively impact your sleep. Aim to finish your last meal at least three to four hours before you plan to sleep to allow for proper digestion and avoid discomfort during the night.
Optimal Room Temperature: Sleeping in a cool room can promote better sleep quality. The ideal temperature may vary for each person, but generally, a range of around 68-69 degrees Fahrenheit (20-21 degrees Celsius) is considered optimal. Experiment with different temperatures to find what works best for you.
Resources Mentioned:
The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey
Dr. Jack Kruse
Biomefx Gut Testing 
Our Ring

Friday Jun 30, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of “Lessons Around” with JP Albano, a weekly video podcast where JP shares his personal discoveries on his journey to becoming better and invites guests to share their insights on relevant topics. With a focus on inspiring, educating, and illuminating the path for men who share similar passions, “Lessons Around” aims to create a well-curated community of individuals striving for personal growth.
JP brings 20 years of experience in technology sales and investing in multifamily apartments to the show. He shares his expertise on overcoming challenges in business and sales, managing money, and generating wealth to elevate lifestyles. Additionally, JP's passion for cars and experience as a husband, father, and entrepreneur provide unique perspectives on current car culture, spirituality, and conscious living.
Join JP as he shares his journey and lessons, along with stories from other like-minded individuals. Whether you're looking to make changes in your personal or professional life, “Lessons Around” is a conscious way of living that can help guide you on your path to becoming better.
Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:
About the host
About the podcast
Episode Highlights:
[00:59] About the Host
JP brings a wealth of experience to the show, having spent 20 years in IT sales, with a career that generated over $200 million in sales. In 2017, he decided to take on a new challenge and ventured into investing in multifamily apartments. Today, he manages a portfolio of $60 million in 700 units, along with property and construction management businesses.
JP's passion for cars came later in life, but it quickly became an obsession, particularly with BMWs. He even owned seven of them at once, which tested the limits of his marriage. Despite not coming from wealth, JP learned how to make and invest money on his own, growing up lower middle class and being driven to succeed early on in life.
In “Lessons Around”, JP shares his insights and personal journey, covering topics such as business, sales, investing, making money, spirituality, and family. He aims to help listeners elevate their lifestyles through wealth generation and conscious living. As a first-generation child of Sicilian immigrants and a born and bred New Yorker, JP brings a unique perspective to the show that is sure to inspire and educate.
[02:02] About the Podcast
“Lessons Around” with JP Albano is a podcast that offers a unique perspective on personal growth and conscious living. With a focus on JP's experiences as a young man to his present life as a husband, father, and entrepreneur, the show covers a wide range of topics such as spirituality, self-defense, and family. JP's pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning has led him to explore new ways of seeing the world while keeping his family as his top priority. 
As a born and bred New Yorker, JP shares his personal journey with listeners to inspire and educate those seeking a better way of living. Join him on “Lessons Around” for a deeper understanding of consciousness and personal growth that transcends beyond just a podcast.

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